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Andrew Jacobs is a senior at Stanford University, where he has been a leader in water conservation since his freshman year when he joined Students for a Sustainable Stanford. That year he helped develop the Stanford Water App, which allowed people to notify the appropriate party on campus about a broken sprinkler, shower leak or other water waste. As a sophomore, Andrew facilitated the installation of a 1,500-gallon rainwater harvesting system and drip irrigation at Synergy House, a cooperative with an extensive garden network. He also led an effort to install a water bottle filling station in Stanford’s Old Union, reducing the use of plastic bottles that take twice as much water to produce as they hold. Andrew recently led a pilot project in which an aqueous ozone cleaning solution was used to replace caustic chemical cleaners. It saves water by not requiring a rinse after use. After killing bacteria, the product breaks down into water and oxygen. Andrew presented his findings to the housing directors, and funds are now set aside to implement the cleaning system in every residence hall across campus.