Award Categories

The Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards are given to:

Government Agency / Water Utility — Awarded to a water agency or municipality that takes an innovative approach to encourage water conservation and reuse. Programs that are able to quantify their benefits will receive extra consideration.  Click here for previous water utility winners.

Business — Awarded to an individual business or business group that accomplishes significant potable water savings through innovative conservation methods. Preference will be given to programs that can be replicated in that industry or in Silicon Valley.  Click here for previous business winners. 

Organization — Awarded to a nongovernmental organization (including but not limited to faith-based groups, nonprofits, schools and homeowners associations) that has developed programs to promote or implement water conservation and recycling measures.  Click here for previous organization winners. 

Greenscape Management — Awarded to a business, organization or agency that has demonstrated positive water conservation measures related to the landscaping of buildings, parks, playing fields, cemeteries and/or golf courses.  Click here for previous greenscape management winners. 

Innovation — Awarded to a business, organization, agency or individual that has developed an effective technology or service for reducing water use or promoting recycled water. Click here for previous innovation winners. 

Education — Awarded to a business, organization, agency or individual that has successfully educated others about the importance of water conservation and ways to achieve water conservation results. Click here for previous education winners, 

Water Champion — Awarded to a private or public individual whose conservation efforts inspire you and others to use water more wisely. A Water Champion could be your local legislator, your child's science teacher, the manager of a local nursery, a person who facilitates climate-appropriate landscaping, or someone else whose passion you admire. Occasionally the Awards Coalition will present a "Lifetime Achievement" award, but we don't accept nominations for that award. Click here for previous water champions. 

Basic criteria for Water Conservation Awards: 
  • Award applicant or nominee must be located in San Mateo County, Santa Clara County or Alameda County from Hayward South.
  • Program or project is currently being implemented.
  • Program or project results in the conservation of potable water.

Additional consideration will be given to programs or projects that:
  • Produce measurable water savings.
  • Can be easily replicated.
  • Show innovation.
  • Demonstrate new technology.
  • Increase public awareness.
  • Create behavioral changes.